Monitoring of the Movement of Iceberg A-68

The movement of an iceberg should be monitored continuously, as it may affect changes in the surrounding marine environment. In this project, the movement of Iceberg A-68 are monitored by using satellite SAR.

To monitor the movement of Iceberg A-68, first we detect the center position of the iceberg from the Sentinel-1 SAR image. Then we analyze the spatiotemporal changes of the central location of the iceberg to calculate the moving distance and speed of the iceberg. The movement of the Iceberg A-68 are observed every 12 days from the Sentinel-1 SAR images.

Iceberg A-68 might be located near the Larsen C Ice Shelf for at least a few years because of high sea ice concentration throughout the year near the ice shelf. However, if there is a sudden change in the marine environment, the iceberg can move quickly,

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