Monitoring of Sea Ice Concentration around Iceberg A-68

Sea ice concentration is defined as the area of relative to a given specific area of the ocean. It has been estimated since 1978 by the satellite passive microwave sensors. The passive microwave sensors have a spatial resolution of tens of kilometers, but it is good for observing polar sea ice because it can observe the Arctic and the Antarctica every day. In particular, it has been widely used for monitoring sea ice concentration because it can distinguish the microwave radiation properties between sea ice and open water.

In this project, the monthly sea ice concentration surrounding Iceberg A-68 is figured out based on the passive microwave sensor observations. The NASA Team algorithm is used for the estimation of sea ice concentration from the satellite observations.

The change in sea ice extent calculated from the sea ice concentration is investigated. When calculating the sea ice extent, the threshold of the sea ice concentration is 30%. Also, in this project, the anomaly of the monthly sea ice extent is monitored based on the period from 1981 to 2010.

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