An example of ice shelf/iceberg monitoring by KOMPSAT-5 – Collapse of Nansen Ice Shelf and Iceberg C-33


KOMPSAT-5 EW SAR images obtained on April 4 and 11 2016, capturing Iceberg C-33 calved from Nansen Ice Shelf.

Two icebergs were calved from the Nansen Ice Shelf in East Antarctica, located near the Jang Bogo Station, on 7 April 2016. Of the two icebergs, only one is large enough to meet the size criteria for naming by the U.S. National Ice Center. This larger iceberg is named C-33. KOMPSAT-5 has captured images of the icebergs. Right is a RGB composite of KOMPSAT-5 EW SAR images acquired on April 4 (Red) and 11 (Green and Blue) 2016.

KOMPSAT-5 continued to monitor Iceberg C-33 and unnamed small icebergs calved from the Nansen Ice Shelf. As of July 2018, Iceberg C-33 is located in the Somov Sea in the Antarctica.

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