Iceberg A-68 Monitoring by KOPRI

About A-68 Project

  • A-68 Project, conducted by the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI), is a project that monitors Iceberg A-68 and the changes in the surrounding environment by using satellite remote sensing. This project provides basic information that can be used in various research fields such as predicting global environmental change, sea-level change, oceanography, biology, and glaciology through the satellite observations of Iceberg A-68, one of the largest Antarctic icebergs.In this project, Iceberg A-68 and the surrounding environment are monitored by utilizing various satellite remote sensing data. By using the Korea Multi-Purpose Satellite (KOMPSAT) series, which can be used independently by KOPRI in the field of the cryosphere research, KOPRI provides precise monitoring information related to Iceberg A-68 in near-real time. It also plans to collect various field research data on Iceberg A-68 by using IBRV Aaron, an icebreaker operated by KOPRI.This project will be conducted jointly by the Polar Remote Sensing Team of the Unit of Arctic Sea-Ice Prediction and the Unit of Ice Sheet and Sea level Changes of KOPRI. The project is funded by KOPRI.
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